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Although I'm not new to photography, I am new to underwater photography.  All the principles I've used for years, don't necessarily apply underwater.  I use an older digital camera in an underwater case with no strobe at this time.  Hopefully, I can upgrade sometime in the future.  One of the biggest problems I've had is seeing the image and making manual adjustments on the camera monitor display.  While I have 20/20 far vision, I can't see close up.  I've added a magnification lens to my dive mask and made a hood with a magnifier in it for the camera which has really helped. Eventually I'll have to get a custom-made diving mask.

 Paul Prosise 2007-Scuba Certified

You're probably wondering how all this started -- my love of Hawaii that is. Well, I went to McKinley High School on the island of Oahu for a year back in 1958 and have been back to one of the Hawaiian islands almost every year ever since!


A little more background on myself.  Before retiring, I had my own business as an editorial and corporate photographer and later added
computer graphics and web design.  Also doing about one hundred covers, mostly in the high-tech area.



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